Friendship, Community, and Gardening

  • A visit to Table Top Farms
  • Western Weekend
  • 2014 plant sale at the Inverness Fair
  • 2014 rummage sale at the Inverness Fair

The Inverness Garden Club, located on the San Francisco Bay Area's beautiful Point Reyes peninsula, was founded in 1934 by 19 women sharing a general interest in gardening. Today the Club is a 130-member group of both sexes and all ages, from 12 to 95. 

We are a non-profit corporation with 501(c)(3) status, organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, assuring donors that gifts are fully tax deductible.

Together in friendship we work to:

  • stimulate the knowledge and appreciation of gardening
  • provide college scholarships to qualified West Marin residents
  • promote the beautification of our local community
  • protect and preserve native plants and habitats.

Our Next Event

Bee-Friendly Garden Design with Kate Frey
October 12, 2016 - 1:00pm
Dance Palace

After a business meeting for all the members of our club, famous Hopland-based garden designer Kate Frey will teach us how to design bee-friendly flower gardens. Flower-filled gardens make us happy, and at the same time support many species of bees and much other biodiversity beneficial to our gardens. We desire our gardens to be full of color and interest for many months of the year, yet what flowers appeal to which bees and why? How can we put them together in compositions that work well with the parameters of our site, in combinations that suit us, and cater to bee’s needs?  This lecture offers many colorful examples of flower filled gardens and farms that support bees.